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Networks Overview

About all the networks

They all offer free accommodation worldwide and also bring people together from different cultures and social classes, this can build intercultural understanding and reduce prejudices and intolerance.. You are welcome! All networks are worth a visit, thousands of friendly people will welcome you.. you can't decide? Join them all.. ;-)

last extensive update of the networks: april 2005
(please feel free to suggest updates on the wiki/forum)

The Overview

network member functions profiles sustainability safety specials
~  address verification
~  comments
~  commercial offers and stays ($€)
~  comments
~  volunteer organisation with democratic structure
~  open source
~  vouched and verified members
~  comments
~  fast access to messages, search function on mails
~  possibility to store private notes to members
~  strong community
~  commercial bcorporation
~  since 2004
~  comments
~  massmailing
~  comments
~  optinonl spamcheck by volunteers (message delay / privacy)
~  since 2000
~  strong community
Servas paper based
~  letter of introduction (travel pass)
~  real interview before joining & travel (each year)
~  paper based annual update
~  annual fee for travellers (not hosts), strong community
~  democratic structure
~  since 1949
~  passport verification
~  comments
~  commercial
~  since 2010
other networks

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