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Contents of the Online Offers

The webteam of the does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. The webteam can not be held liable for any financial or other damage caused by using or not using information of any kind provided on these pages or by using faulty or incomplete data, as long as the webteam did not purposely or carelessly provide this data.

All offers are subject to changes without obligation. The webteam reserves the right to change, supplement, delete or terminate the webpage in parts or entirely, temporarily or permanently without prior notice.

Links and References

In case of direct or indirect links or reference to pages of different institutions or individuals not included in the responsibilities of, the webteam can not be held liable unless the team had knowledge of the possible unlawful content of the pages and it was technically possible and reasonable for them to remove the link from the webpages of The webteam of the states explicitly that at the time of establishing a link on the webpages of, no illegal content was present on the linked webpages. The webteam has no influence on present and future content of linked pages. It strictly disassociates itself from all content of all linked pages that have been changed after being linked on our webpages. This applies to all links established on our webpages as well as for content or links of forums, mailing lists or guest books made available from the webteam. For illegal, faulty or incomplete contents, especially for any kind of damage caused by employing this information, only the person responsible for the concerning page can be held liable, not the individuals that solely linked the page as a reference.


The webteam of strives to comply with all applicable copyright laws using graphics, images, documents as well as audio- and videofiles in all published publications, to use its own graphics, images, documents and audio- and videofiles or to supplement licensed data.

All trademarks and logos of third parties used within the webpages are subject to copyright laws applicable to individuals not associated with Solely the appearance on our webpage does not imply that those trademarks are not protected by the copyright laws of third person parties.

If there is the possibility or necessity to enter personal or business related data such as E-Mail addresses, names, addresses, etc. within our webpages, the disclosure of this data is voluntarily. If it is technically possible and reasonable, the use and payment of every service offered is possible without revealing personal data or by using anonymous data or a pseudonym.

Validity of Disclaimer

This disclaimer/legal waiver is part of the internet offer which is referenced to this page. If parts of this legal waiver do not apply to current laws, if laws changed or parts of this waiver are outdated, the remaining parts will remain valid.

This disclaimer text is based on the free service of

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