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alex (23; maastricht/netherlands)

occupation psychology student

travel experiences lived for some time in south afrtica, england and holland. travelled in south+east africa and most of europe

networks +

mail alex @ hospitalityguide . net

andib (23; ulm/germany)

occupation student + webdesigner + another free spirit + tv-addicted

experiences ##TRAVELLING swiss,austria,germany; western europe summer 2003; riga+vilnius winter 2004/05; hongkong spring 2005; hitchhiking germany->france->italy summer 2005; riga winter 2005/06; ##HOBBIES indoor_ webdesign,i.t., electronics,...; outdoor_ camping, fishing, (hitch)hiking, roadtrippin,...; ##MISC i love music :)

networks cs::andib + hc::andib

mail andib @ hospitalityguide . net

berit (23; stockholm/schweden, munich/germany)

occupation theatre student

travel experiences I have travelled a lot in Europe and I have seen some places of The USA. Right now I am on the way of travelling to Mexico. I really like to get in contact with locals, especially as i love to learn new languages.

statement I got to Hospitality Exchange during a time where i absolutely lacked money and time to travel as much as I wanted to, so it was pretty nice to at least have people from all over the world visiting you. So at the beginning is used the Exchange Networks almost only as "host", but by now i have also been a "guest" several times and met really amazing people. I like to get in contact with locals, especially as i love to learn new languages and really want to lear more about the country I am travelling too. Thats way I dont like to see as many places as possible in a short time, but instead I really like to take my time for the country I visit. I am convinced that Hospitality Networks can achieve a lot but its dangerous if one network starts to dominate all the others. Thats why I want to promote the diversity of organisations out there so that everyone can find the best network for him/herself....

networks cs::papaya + hc::papaya

mail berit @ hospitalityguide . net

konstantinos (athens/greece)

occupation author, research and teaching assistant in environmental policy, industrial designer

experiences countries i have been: turkey, estonia, latvia, lithuania, belarus, russia, bulgaria, poland, czech republic, slovakia, slovenia, croatia, italy, germany, austria, egypt

statement going around the day in 80 worlds....

networks cs::promitheus + hc::promitheus

mail promitheus @ hospitalityguide . net

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